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Newborn Hearing Exam
Why Newborn Hearing Exams Are Important
Unfortunately, many infants have trouble hearing that goes undiagnosed until they're older. That's why newborn hearing exams are so important.
Hearing loss in Children
Hearing Childhood Milestones You Should Not Ignore
It's important to know what hearing milestones your child has so that you can seek help if you notice that your kiddo isn't meeting those milestones.
Ear Infection Damage
How Ear Infections Can Lead To Hearing Loss
Ear infections can cause long-term damage when left untreated. The sooner you treat it, it will be less likely to cause permanent hearing loss.
Hearing Aid Purchases
Do I Need One or Two Hearing Aids?
Whether you're struggling with hearing in one or both ears, hearing aids can be customized to fit your unique needs.