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Sinus Infections

Sinus Infections and Hearing Loss: What's the Connection

If you have had a sinus infection, you may have had someone tell you that a sinus infection can cause hearing loss. While you might think that this is a myth, the truth is that you can have hearing loss from a sinus infection.

Hearing Loss and Sinus Congestion

Hearing loss can be often caused by sinus blockages and severe congestion. This is especially true if the Eustachian tube has a clog. This is because it helps to regulate the pressure in your sinuses. When you have fluid in the Eustachian tube, it can cause muffled hearing. Many people report that it is like having ear plugs in, or being underwater.

If you have any changes in hearing, it is a good idea to visit your doctor or hearing care specialist. If you have hearing loss with a sinus infection, it can be a sign that your infection has become more severe.

Can I Get Tinnitus from a Blocked Sinus?

Tinnitus is a form of hearing loss that can be due to a sinus infection. Tinnitus will cause ringing in the ear that can be disruptive to your daily functions. When you become congested, the tissues in your sinuses become inflamed. The inflammation and swelling creates pressure. This will block the airways in your ear, which will cause the ringing in your ears. The tinnitus may go away after your sinus infection has healed. Some people report having this form of hearing loss long after the initial infection.

How To Unclog The Ear From a Sinus Infection

Sinus induced hearing loss is often cured once the infection is gone. But, some people will suffer from permanent hearing loss. This is especially true if the infection is severe or left untreated. There are some treatment options available. One of these procedures is a balloon sinuplasty. This will help to unblock the ears, giving you some relief from your hearing loss. There are also some medications that may help reduce the ringing in the ears. This can help if you suffer from tinnitus after a sinus infection.

If the hearing loss is permanent, you may have to look into getting hearing aids. While many people do not like the idea of getting hearing aids, they have come a long way. Hearing aids of today are small and discreet. They also work very well. They use back-up technology that you can add on your phone.

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