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It's Time to Hear Better

At Family Hearing Centers, we know that not all hearing aids are made the same. The best hearing aid is the one that helps you hear better and meets all your needs and desires. That is why we offer many different makes and models of hearing aids for you to choose from.

We pride ourselves on our selection of rechargeable, wireless, and custom hearing aids for every person. Listed below are some of the brands we offer in our 11 offices throughout Ohio.

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Oticon Hearing Aids

From the creation of the first digital hearing aid, Oticon has continued to be a pioneer brand for hearing aids. They are the oldest global hearing aid brands and has decades of experience providing hearing assistance to millions of people. Their devices have several features. These include Bluetooth connectivity, Speech Rescue, Navigator, and OpenSound. These hearing aids come in different styles to best fit your ears and hearing needs.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey has some of the most advanced hearing aids on the market today. They have many assistive features that are particularly helpful for older adults. Starkey hearing aids can remotely connect to an audiologist who can help and adjust with minor issues. These hearing aids can also connect to Amazon Alexa, use light-based hearing technology, and include fall detection. These hearing aids come in different styles to best fit your ears and hearing needs.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids are by far the most customizable hearing aids available. They come in different models with a large range of styles and numerous custom-fit options. Phonak also offers a wide array of hearing aid accessories to help make the experience more amazing. The different models are made to compliment your lifestyle and your environments.

Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic has been creating state-of-the-art hearing aids for the past 20 years. They are constantly updating their technology to make the sounds more natural and clearer than ever before. Sonic has a wide range of styles to choose from, so customization comes easy with this brand.