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Back-To-School Hearing Health Checklist
As the new school year approaches, it's essential to prioritize your child's overall well-being, including their hearing health.
Why Newborn Hearing Exams Are Important
Unfortunately, many infants have trouble hearing that goes undiagnosed until they're older. That's why newborn hearing exams are so important.
How Ear Infections Can Lead To Hearing Loss
Ear infections can cause long-term damage when left untreated. The sooner you treat it, it will be less likely to cause permanent hearing loss.
Protecting Your Teen From Hearing Loss
When it comes to protecting your teens, you think about dangers like drugs and bullies. However, you need to also consider their hearing health.
How To Protect Your Hearing In The Winter
The winter months are beautiful. You have the holidays, beautiful snow, and cooler weather. However, your hearing can be at risk in these cold months.
Foods That Can Protect Your Hearing
It's no surprise that what you put in your body has an impact on your health but did you know that the foods that you eat can affect your hearing health?
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