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Does Hearing Loss Affect a Person's IQ?
Hearing loss can have a significant impact on many areas of a person's life. But does it have an impact on a person's intelligence quotient (IQ)?
Why Hearing Issues Make You Feel Tired
If you have hearing loss or other related hearing conditions, you may be more susceptible to listening fatigue.
How To Determine If Hearing Loss is Permanent or Temporary
In some cases, you may have a treatable form of temporary hearing loss, while in others, you may have permanent hearing loss.
Why Is Hearing Loss Becoming More Common?
One recent trend that hearing care professionals are noticing is a stark rise in the number of people experiencing hearing loss. Why is this happening?
How Hearing Loss Affects The Brain
When you're no longer able to hear those subtle cues, you can notice that your brain changes and that your body doesn't stay balanced like it used to.
Hearing Childhood Milestones You Should Not Ignore
It's important to know what hearing milestones your child has so that you can seek help if you notice that your kiddo isn't meeting those milestones.
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