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Annual Hearing Test

Why Should I Have An Annual Hearing Exam?

Your hearing is a crucial sense that you rely on to communicate with others and hear what's going on around you. Identifying if you have hearing loss early is vital so that you can seek treatment as early as possible. Getting an annual hearing test is the best way to determine if you have any hearing loss.

What is an Annual Hearing Exam?

Hearing exams are not something that you need to think of as scary. They're non-invasive and completely painless to undergo. An audiologist will go through four steps to complete your annual hearing exam. The first starts with intake. Your audiologist takes your health history and asks about hearing concerns you have.

Next, your audiologist will examine your ears. They will be checking for things like impacted ear wax that could lead to a temporary loss of hearing. After the physical examination of your ears, they will perform the hearing part of the test.

During this part of the examination, they will ask you to put on a special set of headphones. These headphones attach to an audiometer that plays sounds at varying frequencies. They'll ask you to signal when you hear a noise and what ear you hear it in. Throughout this test, your audiologist will be recording the results of your test.

Once you have completed the hearing test, your audiologists will go over the results with you. They will discuss any frequencies that you had a hard time hearing. They will also go over what your options are for treating the issue. During this part of the exam, you can ask questions about your results so that you understand what they are.

Reasons to Get an Annual Hearing Exam

Investing in an annual hearing examination is a great way to look after your hearing health. Think of an annual hearing exam like getting a yearly physical to take care of your physical health.

When you get a hearing exam, it allows the audiologist to document your hearing profile. They will take note of any frequencies that you have trouble hearing. Each year, they will refer to that hearing profile to see if there have been any negative changes.

Getting tested every year also helps to detect any issues with your hearing early on. The sooner you can treat a slight loss of hearing, the less of an impact it will have on your life. Many people will experience hearing loss over time. Instead of waiting until you can't hear, an audiologist can alert you of any slight hearing loss. This allows you to have it treated as soon as possible.

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