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Determine if You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing tests are the best and most effective way to determine the extent of your hearing loss. In the early stages of hearing loss, it may be hard to notice the changes because they can go undetected. Untreated hearing loss, even in the early stages, can cause many negative changes to your life.

This includes isolation, social anxiety, fatigue, depression, and cognitive decline. Annual hearing tests help to ensure that any loss of hearing is found and managed as soon as possible. Regardless of your hearing abilities in your daily life, we recommend yearly screenings to keep your hearing working as it should be.


of those who are 75 and older have disabling hearing loss1

What To Expect

You may think that you may not have time to fit a hearing test into your schedule. At Family Hearing Centers, we know how valuable your time is. Our free hearing tests only take about an hour to do, with us being able to provide your results to you within the same day. We start by going over your health conditions and concerns to get a better understanding of your hearing loss risk factors. This health assessment will also help our hearing care specialists determine which hearing aid is best should you need them.

Out hearing care specialist will provide you with the detailed results and will go over the results with you. We want to make sure you are fully aware of your hearing conditions before you leave our offices. If you need hearing aids, our hearing care specialist will go over the different options and which ones would be best with your lifestyle.

What to Expect

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Family Hearing Centers has 11 convenient locations throughout Ohio. Call any of our offices today to schedule your free comprehensive hearing test. The best way to prioritize your hearing health is to get your hearing checked each year.

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